Adult Education

Living a Jewish Life: An Introduction to Judaism

This introductory course is intended to convey information about many of the major facets of Jewish life. Students who take this class typically come from a variety of backgrounds. Born-Jews take Living a Jewish Life (LJL) as a refresher course. Some students choose to take this course as a part of their journey of conversion to Judaism. Interfaith couples find that LJL is a great way for a non-Jewish partner and a Jewish partner to learn together about Judaism. Some people who take LJL are simply curious to learn more about Judaism. Whatever the case may be, Rabbi Rose is happy to welcome everyone and to learn with you along the way. 

If you are interested in taking the full course, please fill out the following registration form. Temple of Israel Members can drop in if there is a particular topic of interest; just e-mail Rabbi Rose in advance of the class so that we can have materials ready. For non-Temple of Israel members there is a $36 administration fee. 

Registration Form Link:
Classes will take place on the following Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 PM 
2/13/2019 – Introduction, Syllabus, and the Jewish Calendar
2/20/2019 – Torah
3/6/2019 – Shabbat
3/13/2019 – Jewish Prayer 
3/20/2019 – Purim
3/27/2019 – Weddings
4/10/2019 – Conversion
4/17/2019 – Passover
4/24/2019 – Model Seder 
5/1/2019 – Birth
5/15/2019 – Death
5/29/2019 – Sukkot and Simchat Torah
6/5/2019 – Shavuot
6/12/2019 – Chanukah and the December Dilemma
6/19/2019 – Israel
6/26/2019 – Antisemitism 
7/10/2019 – High Holidays and Conclusion